Hillsboro city commissioners backpedaled and apologized Monday after verbal backlash from residents and business owners over a recent attempt to enforce the city’s newest ordinances. 

The target: “nuisance” properties.  

“How do we work together to beautify the city?” asked Commission President Terry Sando, calling for city leaders and residents to “collaborate.”  

“Everybody has to do their part,” offered Commissioner Dave Sather. “We shouldn’t have to send letters. People should take a look at their property and clean it up. It’s as simple as that – do their part to make things look nice.” 

Sather said he was “shocked” to see some of the photos of residential yards. “I didn’t know we had places like that in town,” he said. 

He added that he would like the city to assist property owners who need help with cleanup. “We should sit down and talk, see if there’s something the city can do,” Sando said.

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