Aaron McWilliams sawmill

Aaron McWilliams has started operating a lumber mill on his rural property west of Hillsboro. The former District 20 lawmaker specializes in cutting wood slabs for axe-throwing boards that are distributed across North Dakota.

Aaron McWilliams chuckles about how life sometimes works out.

What started out as a family outing to Northern Air Family Fun Center in Grand Forks earlier this year turned into a full-time job as a distributor for axe-throwing boards across North Dakota for the former District 20 state legislator.

“How’s that for a niche of a niche?” McWilliams jokes.

The Hillsboro businessman recently opened up a lumber mill outside Hillsboro specializing in cutting basswood and cottonwood slabs for 11 recreational axe-throwing locations across North Dakota, northwestern Minnesota and Sioux Falls, S.D.

“We were up at Northern Air and my father talked to the owner and asked how much it was to go axe throwing,” McWilliams said.

“It seemed like a lot to throw an axe into some wood, but the owner said they get their cottonwood target boards all the way from Illinois.”

After negotiating, McWilliams became a wood supplier for all of the axe-throwing venues in North Dakota.

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