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The Hillsboro School Board on Monday approved a new two-year contract with the district’s teachers union following three negotiating sessions this spring.

Superintendent Paula Suda said reps for the board and union had an initial conversation spelling out the ground rules for contracts talks and two follow-up sessions to hammer out the new deal.

“The negotiations went well. We had very collaborative talks between the two groups,” Suda said. “It’s never been a them versus the board thing. We all work together.”

The agreement approved Monday will provide Hillsboro’s teachers with a $1,700 increase in their annual base pay in 2023-23, bringing the starting salary for a first-year instructor to $47,200.

The contract also will provide teachers with step increases based on their longevity and education levels in year one, resulting in a 2.1 percent bump in their pay in the first year of the agreement.

Teachers will see a 5.1 percent raise in salaries in year two after picking up $1,800 increases in their base pay and additional step increases for veteran employees.

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