Hillsboro City Commission

Hillsboro city leaders were encouraged Monday to promote the benefits that city commissioners receive as a way to draw candidates to enter November’s special election. 

Hillsboro voters will choose a replacement to fill a vacant seat on the five-person board that was created by the resignation of Shawn Skager in July.

His term expires in July 2024. Commissioners set the special election for Tuesday, Nov. 16 with polls open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Main Street Community Center.  

Resident Chuck Punton, a former city commissioner, questioned the board about “benies” for which commissioners and city employees may qualify.

That question prompted some confusion about what is policy, what is practice and what is rumor. 

Commissioners are paid $900 every six months. The commission president is paid $1,200 every six months. 

For more than a decade, commissioners have had the option to access a single health insurance policy through the city. Two commissioners are covered under the city’s plan. The city pays the full monthly premium of $742.06. 

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