Jillian Hurt and Alexis Iverson at pool

Jillian Hurt of Hillsboro, left, smiles at Alexis Iverson as the pair swim at the Woodland Park public pool in 2019. City leaders will discuss repairs to the pool Monday.

The Hillsboro City Commission will take a crack Monday night at repairing the city’s cracked public pool.

City Commissioner Levi Reese received the go-ahead in mid-March in hire a Jamestown, N.D., contractor to inspect the main drain line at the 65-year-old public pool in Woodland Park.

City leaders and pool manager Kathy Duval have been nursing along the summer hot spot the past two years after revealing the pool had started losing 9,800 gallons of water a day.

Reese said city officials were hoping that hiring an outside contractor would allow the city to pinpoint whether cracks in the pool’s liner or pipe breaks were to blame for the water loss.

Reese said Tuesday that the inspection revealed no cracks in the pool’s main water line.

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