HILLSBORO – Emergency crews from Traill and Steele counties will participate in a training exercise from 5 to 9 p.m., Monday, Sept. 13 at Mayville State University.

The exercise, which will simulate a full-scale emergency situation involving hazardous materials, will include first responders and emergency crews.

Agencies  planning to take part in the training include the sheriff’s departments from Traill and Steele counties; fire departments from Mayville, Portland, Hillsboro, Hatton, Galesburg, Buxton, Reynolds, Grandin, Finley, Sharon and Hope; Mayville State University; and West Traill Ambulance and Sanford Hillsboro Ambulance.

“This exercise is intended to give our local responders experience in dealing with a situation they may not be used to seeing, as well as educating crews from various jurisdictions on how to more seamlessly work together in a larger-scale situation, should one arise,” said Traill County Sheriff Steve Hunt.

Hunt noted that residents in the area, especially those in the vicinity immediately surrounding Mayville State, likely will hear sirens and see emergency vehicles responding during the incident but shouldn’t be alarmed.

He also urged citizens to keep their distance from the university during the exercise.

“Although this is just an exercise, we want to make this feel as real as possible for our emergency crews to ensure they get the most out of this training,” Hunt said.

“And, just as we’d ask the public to maintain a safe distance during a real emergency situation, we request the same for this exercise,” he said.

“We need to ensure our crews have the space they need to actively respond during the exercise, as well as space for vehicles and other equip ment,” Hunt continued. 

“This is for the safety of both the public and our emergency crews.”