Traill County Courthouse at sunset

The Traill County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved repairs to the county courthouse dome.

Restrictions on visitors to the Traill County Courthouse in Hillsboro will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

County comm-issioners agreed Tuesday to extend the restrictions into 2021 but tabled a decision on whether to require county employees to return to work at the courthouse next month.

Commissioners had given department heads the discretion to allow employees to work from home earlier this spring due to concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus.

But that discretion may come to an end in January amid growing support among county commissioners to require workers to spend more time in their offices.

“I’m in favor of bringing people back,” said County Commissioner Larry Young of Mayville. “We can bring the people back to work and (ask) them to practice their social distancing in their offices and go from there.”

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