Election form

A half-dozen incumbents and a political newcomer running as a write-in candidate secured seats on the Hillsboro, MayPort-CG and Central Valley school boards Tuesday.

In the Hillsboro School District, incumbents Kris Brekken (32 votes) and Mary Mattson (29 votes) ran unopposed and kept their three-year seats on the school board.

Brekken’s seat represents the townships of Kelso, Elm River, Herberg and the southern half of Hillsboro while Mattson’s seat represents the City of Hillsboro.

A ballot question asking whether voters wanted to continue publishing minutes in the district’s official school newspaper passed 28 to 4.

Voters in the MayPort-CG School District returned incumbents Andy Neset (162 votes) from rural Mayville and James Aarvold (162 votes) from Clifford-Galesburg to the school board.

Voters also picked write-in candidate and 1995 MPCG alum Wendy Hanson to replace incumbent Jeremy Strand on the board representing rural Portland.

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