Megan Kleckner takes photo at first day of school

Megan Kleckner, right, of Hillsboro takes a photo of (clockwise from top) second-grader Darcee Kleckner and fifth-graders Jacob Miller, Cayden Olson, Easton Beach, Brody Pelton and Jackson Kleckner in front of Hillsboro Elementary School. Classes resumed Tuesday with 503 students enrolled in the Hillsboro School District.

The Hillsboro School District reported 503 students in grades K-12 attended the first day of fall classes Tuesday, the largest opening day enrollment in the district in 23 years.

Superintendent Paula Suda said the first-day numbers are the most students that Hillsboro has enrolled since the start of the 1998-99 school year, when 510 pupils reported for the first day.

“It’s good news. We were shooting for 500, so for us to have 503 is great,” Suda said.

Hillsboro’s K-12 enrollment included 259 students in elementary school, 234 at the junior and high school levels and 10 Hutterite students at Spruce Lane Colony near Blanchard.

The district’s largest class has 45 pupils in grade 11 and there were 39 kindergarten students who reported for their first-ever day of school Tuesday, Suda said.

The school district welcomed 482 students on the first day of classes a year ago.

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