Paul Geray

Paul Geray of Hillsboro has announced plans for a citywide flag project designed to line city streets with U.S. flags seven days a year starting on Memorial Day. 

Around 365 homeowners and businesses took part in the Hillsboro Stars and Stripes project in 2020.

The fundraising project, which lined Hillsboro’s city streets with U.S. flags on a half-dozen holidays this year, received a more enthusiastic response than organizers expected.

“We had overwhelming support for it,” organizer Paul Geray said Tuesday.

Geray, the owner of Paul’s Hometown Repair in Hillsboro, said he was surprised how many people backed the project in a presidential year when the nation seemed so politically divided.

“You can tell people’s political affiliations by their yard signs, but I was really happy to see everyone supported it,” he said.

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