Buxton sign

Buxton Mayor Travis Soderberg revealed during a city council meeting Wednesday night that he’s leaning toward running for re-election in June.

Soderberg, who was appointed mayor a year ago following the death of former Mayor Gene Rosholt, previously indicated he was undecided whether he would file for office.

But Soderberg told fellow city leaders Wednesday that plans on making a decision on his political future by next month, well ahead of the city’s filing deadline for candidates April 11.

“Right now, I’m still undecided. I’m leaning toward running but I want to give it another month,” he said. “I’m still hoping to win the lottery so we’ll see.”

The four-year terms of City Council members Holly Aamold and Ben Hershey also will be up for grabs in June. Aamold announced she plans to run for her seat while Hershey remains undecided.

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