Marin and Josh Opp of Hillsboro

Marin and Josh Opp of Hillsboro were featured in the Traill County Economic Development Commission’s “Come Home to Traill” video marketing campaign. TCEDC has been asked to help produce additional videos promoting Buxton and Reynolds.

The Traill County Economic Development Commission may expand its “Come Home to Traill” marketing campaign to spotlight smaller towns in the county, including Buxton and Reynolds.

TCEDC board member David Knudsvig, who lives outside Buxton, recommended during an April 15 meeting that TCEDC add the city of 300 residents to its promotional video series.

Knudson also serves as a member of the Central Valley School Board, which has seen the district’s enrollment dwindle in recent years, and having a “Come Home to Traill” video focus on Buxton and Reynolds could appeal to alumni looking to return to their hometowns, he said.

Jim Murphy, TCEDC’s executive director, said the organization was open to highlighting Traill County’s smaller cities after touting Hillsboro, Hatton and Mayville-Portland in previous online videos.

However, the economic development groups from Traill County’s largest cities chipped in money to make the “Come Home to Traill” series, which was produced by AE2S in Grand Fork and debuted on You

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