Mayville Dam rupture

Crews work along the banks of the Goose River in Mayville on Wednesday. Heavy rains in late April caused a nearby recreational dam, built in 1935, to rupture.

An 87-year-old recreational dam along the Goose River in Mayville suffered a breached sidewall following heavy rains in the region that sent river levels surging.

Mayville City Council member Ben Gates said Wednesday that city officials have been operating under the belief that the 1935 dam gave way around April 30.

However, due to the elevated levels of the Goose River at the time, city leaders didn’t notice the dam had ruptured until a day or two afterward, he said.

The North Dakota Department of Water Resources classified the structure as a “low-hazard dam,” meaning state officials determined the dam had little to no effect on river levels farther downstream along the Goose, Gates said.

One nearby family living south of the dam has been affected by the rupture, however.

Erosion caused by the rerouted river has exposed utility lines leading to the residence of Rick Harpestad, who owns SRS Commodities in Mayville.

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