Melissa Stuart serves a customer (copy)

Hillsboro Subway employee Melissa Stuart serves a customer in 2020. As of Sept. 4, 2021, the local restaurant is temporarily closing Saturdays and Sundays.

Traill County employers, like their counterparts across the United States, continue to face an uphill battle securing workers to meet their labor needs.

Jim Murphy, executive director of the Traill County Economic Development Commission, told TCEDC board members Aug. 19 that large businesses in the county have been successful retaining their employees since the start of the global pandemic.

But smaller businesses haven’t been so fortunate in their attempts to keep workers, Murphy said.

“We just don’t have enough bodies to fill the spaces,” Murphy said during an in-person and Zoom meeting at TCEDC’s office in Hillsboro.

“(Some) are struggling to get enough bodies in the right spots to keep maximum efficiency going.”

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