Shannon Hunt

Shannon Hunt, who started attending Central Valley School as a second-grader, has spent the past 29 years teaching at the rural Buxton school. She plans to retire at the end of the month.

Shannon Hunt embraces her straightforward, no-nonsense style of teaching. The longtime Central Valley School fifth-grade teacher hasn’t spent the past three decades attempting to become her students’ best friend.

And she doesn’t have time for disruptive behavior that’s going to take away from the learning environment she’s trying to create in her classroom.

“I’m kind of old school,” the Reynolds educator says with a laugh.

“Kids might get away with certain things at home but they’re not going to be able to get away with them with me.”

After nearly 31 years in classroom – 29 of them in the same school where she grew up – Hunt plans to retire from teaching in a few weeks.

The 56-year-old educator loves her job but wants to spend time with her family and enjoy life a little more outside the school setting.

“I lost my parents relatively soon after they retired and I’ve jokingly said for years that, as soon as I can retire, I will,” Hunt says. “I hit the (early retirement) rule this summer and decided it’s time to see what else is out there.”

A native of Grand Forks, Hunt and her family moved to Reynolds and she started attending classes at Central Valley when she was in second grade.

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