Cream cheese-cinnamon cookies

I always dreamt of being the ultimate hostess: the mom who made the best cookies and always had a supply readily available in a cookie jar on the counter, the neighbor who always had a lasagna handy for the new family moving in next door and the friend who always had a pot of coffee on. I’d be a one-woman holiday open house all year round.

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Alas, some dreams simply don’t come to fruition. I don’t want to say that the hubby, kiddo and I are antisocial, because we’re not. But we don’t host a lot of company at the house because we have super weird schedules due to the newspaper work. Also, the kiddo says our house is bo-ring.

Those who do frequent our home know the code to the garage and enter through the side door. And they rarely find a cookie jar, lasagna or pot of coffee ready and waiting.

It’s always comical when there’s an unexpected knock at the front door – especially on a Sunday when there’s no chance it’s the UPS guy. The three of us stop what we’re doing, mute any devices, look at each other in confusion and start pointing and mouthing, “Did you invite someone over?” (Because even though the TV and Spotify were both just blaring, complete silence is oddly crucial in this moment.)

As the moment awkwardly drags on, we finally take a quick stock of which of us is in the best position to answer the door. We’re an informal-bordering-on-immodest household, so this is usually a mimed debate of insistent gestures and adamant facial expressions that obviously mean, “I know you’re wearing jammies but YOU have to answer the door because I’m not wearing a bra/pants/either of the above.” (Yes, that one’s usually me.)

However, as the kiddo gets older he does have more friends stopping by, so I’m trying to be better about anticipating unexpected guests, including keeping more goodies on hand. These puffy, cinnamony cookies are an easy treat that go great with coffee or hot cocoa around the holidays, and they keep well in a covered container for several days.

But we’re still in formal discussions about the bra/pants/either of the above thing.

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