Grasshopper squares

My sense of Christmas timing is all off this year, due to a variety of factors – not the least of which are the unseasonably warm temperatures and lack of pretty white stuff on the ground when I look out the window.

Most people seem to be enjoying the weather right now, and I’ll admit, it’s not all bad. The hubby is our designated snow removal service, and I’m glad he hasn’t had to awaken extra early on newspaper production mornings to scoop out the driveway so he can get back to work after his luxurious two hours of sleep.

Winter driving is decidedly safer; I don’t worry quite as much when my family members leave town on dry roads rather than slippery surfaces swathed in blowing snow.

And my heating bills definitely appreciate the mild respite from winter.

But as a snow lover – yes, I know we’re in the minority – I feel like I’m missing out, especially as we’re well into the holiday season.

I’ve had to really amp up the Christmas cheer in other areas of my life as a result, such as trying to watch at least part of a Christmas movie every day. The kiddo and I have been driving around town at night looking at Christmas lights, and anyone who’s around me can attest that I have Christmas music playing constantly.

And of course, there’s still plenty of holiday baking.

I love the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Christmas, and while I can’t make it snow outside, my kitchen is full of holiday cheer.

I’m not a big fan of mint-flavored goodies except for this time of year. There’s something about the bite in the air that makes me long for peppermint mochas and mint truffles, and these grasshopper squares are a quick and easy way to get a mint fix.

They’re a twist on the chocolate-covered saltine toffee bars my mom used to make, and while you wouldn’t think that mint and toffee go together, they’re surprisingly complementary.

These bars aren’t heavy; they’re light, slightly crispy and refreshing, making them the perfect after-dinner holiday treat – or to munch on while staring out the window, hoping for snow.

I’ll be enjoying the nice weather, but I’m still dreaming of a white Christmas – even if it’s just for the one day.

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