Grilled pork teriyaki

This time of year, my favorite room in the house isn’t my kitchen; it’s my bedroom.

That probably isn’t a huge surprise, considering most narcoleptics are fond of their beds, except that I really, really love my kitchen. Most times of year, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

But in the heat of late July and early August, when I get home from work just as the sun starts streaming through my kitchen windows, I’d much rather scurry upstairs to the cool recesses of my bedroom.

Although we’re lucky enough to have central air in our house, our master bedroom also has an extra air conditioner, which really helps keep our second floor cool throughout the summer.

The air conditioner is set pretty low, so there are times during the summer when it feels excessively hot everywhere else, so the whole family (pets and all) pile onto that bed to revel in the refreshingly cool air.

But, we’ve still got to eat.

We tend to eat a lot of kabobs in our house. A lot. (You’ve probably noticed I keep running recipes for them in this column.) We eat more veggies when they’re grilled, and serving up the meat and veggies as kabobs gives us built-in portion control. And they’re fun to eat.

We also eat a lot of stir-fry in our house. A lot. (You’ve probably noticed that one, too.) Chinese food is another big favorite of both the hubby and me, and again, we eat more of our veggies when they’re slathered in tasty stir-fry sauce.

So while playing around in the kitchen one weekend, we created the perfect combination of the two: kabobs that are served up like a stir-fry.

The kabobs are basted in sauce throughout the grilling process, and then you serve the pork and veggies over rice and drizzle the remaining sauce over the top. So you’re left with a tender, perfectly cooked stir-fry with a nice smoky flavor.

It’s a perfect meal to eat on your bed in front of the air conditioner.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.