Sheet pan chicken teriyaki

Lately the hubby and I have been doing a lot of cooking on the weekends to make plenty of leftovers for midweek – which has especially come in handy since I’ve been out of town or in training (or both) much of the past three weeks.

I always feel slightly less guilty if I know I’ve left a fridge full of food for my boys while I’m away.

But we’re all trying to eat healthier throughout the week in any case, and when we’ve got leftovers stashed away or ready to grab for lunch, we’re much less apt to go the pizza or fast-food route.

Sheet pan meals are an easy option whether it’s a weekend or a weeknight, although I admit I’m a bit of a skeptic. With some recipes the flavors mix together too much so every bite of food tastes the same. And it’s pretty tough to get all those different foods to cook to the correct level of doneness in the same amount of time.

On paper, this recipe looked like it would have both those failings; it’s difficult to properly cook chicken and veggies in a wok without the veggies turning to mush, let alone leaving them to do their thing in the oven.

Imagine my surprise when all these ingredients cooked together perfectly in roughly 24 minutes. Inspired, I made some changes to the base recipe and the teriyaki sauce, which is now the best I’ve tasted. Seriously, I might eat my shoe if it were covered in this sauce.

This dish is a new favorite, and I’ve made it multiple times in the past few months. It makes enough for four to six meals, making it a great option to pack for lunch; I grab my chicken and veggies, some frozen steam-in-the-bag rice, extra sauce and a few cashews to sprinkle on top, and I’m all set for a healthy, home-cooked lunch.

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