Easy peanut butter bars

School already started for many families in the area, and we send our kiddo back this coming week.

It’s easily the most nerve-wracking start to any school year I’ve ever seen.

I loved school and everything involved with preparing for it. (“That’s because you were a great big nerd,” my husband says. He’s not wrong.) I loved back-to-school shopping, ceremoniously filling my backpack with all those shiny new supplies and debating over my first-day-of-school outfit for weeks ahead of time. But mostly, I’ve always loved the feeling of potential that comes with the start of each new school year.

However, this year I pretty much just feel anxiety and uncertainty, as I’m sure most parents, students, teachers and administrators do. There is no one-size-fits-all right answer for a return to school, and it’s very much a personal choice.

Let’s all be respectful of each other’s decisions, because I doubt those decisions were easy for anyone. I flip-flopped on my own choice a few times, but the hubby and I eventually agreed on sending our kiddo back to school.

Do I feel good about that choice?

Kinda? Ish?

Am I 100 percent certain it’s the right decision?

I guess not?

Can I answer questions with anything other than more questions?

I don’t think so? At least not this year?

I do have faith in our teachers and administrators that they’ll do everything they can to keep our kids safe and try to retain as much a sense of normalcy as possible.

And that’s one of the main reasons we’re sending our kiddo back to school in person. No, wearing a mask all day won’t feel normal, but being able to socially interact with his classmates and get to know his teacher better – especially at the beginning of the year – will hopefully be a welcome break for him.

Our kiddo is an only child, so he’s had pretty limited interaction with anyone under the age of 35 in the past five months. Back in April, after a month of distance learning, my son said to me, “I’m getting a little sick of you, but I will say the food is great here.”

He must be REALLY sick of me now. But it’s great to know he appreciates the home-cooked meals and treats, which I’ll continue keeping on hand. These bars are so easy to throw together, and they’re great to have on hand for after-school munchies or to send to school as snacks.

So best of luck to all on the beginning of a new school year – whatever that looks like for you and your families.

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