Butterscotch sugar cookies

Hey there! Jack again.

I just wanted to make a comeback due to the requests of my many fans because as you know, I am very famous (joke).

Anyways. To celebrate Mother’s Day, I am going to be talking about my mother. For one, she is on the treadmill at least every night. She sometimes even gets upset when she doesn’t. She started losing weight and for the past year or so, she’s lost over 60 pounds.

(This is off topic, but my dad has done the same. My dad is way worse with it, though. Stop it, Cole, I don’t want to see your gym posts about lifting 200 anymore. He also is obsessed with protein shakes. I love my father.)

Did I also mention that my mother is actually pretty awesome? She recently spent a lot of money on my new braces, which she says I’ll appreciate one day. She helps me with my homework almost every single night and even helps me correct it. She also works two different jobs and recently helped introduce natural gas to our county, which apparently is a big deal.

I think I’m starting to like her a little bit.

Keep in mind she also has three pets. One is a cat that just sits everywhere. One is my dog whom I love very much but he’s the reason I never want children. The other is just completely senile. He doesn’t know where he is most of the time. My mother has to take care of all the family members. And all of us except my mother has the mentality of a 5-year old.

She still finds a way to make time for me. The only time Mom and I don’t get along is when we argue. And we only argue because we’re so very much alike that we just clash with each other, but I still love her. She says that’s normal and she and my grandma still do the same thing.

Like when my grandma brought over these cookies, even though Mom says she doesn’t like butterscotch. “Don’t tell your grandma I said this, but these butterscotch cookies are actually really good,” Mom said later.  

That’s all for today. It was nice writing a column again. By the way, my mother gives me feedback on my columns from people she talks to. Just wanted to let you know that, and thank you for the comments. Goodbye!

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