Steamed soup dumplings

I love to ring in the new year with Chinese food, and for us, there’s no better way to kick of 2021 than steamed dumplings.

This was the Year of the Dumpling in the Short household; my kiddo got me a bamboo steamer for Mother’s Day and we spent much of the year socially distancing and trying every kind of Asian dumpling we could find. (It’s part of our weekend routine now to make the weekly batch of dumplings.)

Steamed dumplings with homemade wrappers and our usual potsticker filling are the kiddo’s favorite, and rather than serving the dumplings in a soup, this version has the soup cooked right in. They work as a New Year’s Eve appetizer, or a cozy meal on New Year’s Day.

Notes: This is a great recipe to make as a family; the dumpling dough dries out quickly, so you’ll want an assembly line process as you’re rolling out the individual wrappers. Serve the dumplings with any dipping sauce you like, such as a sweet soy sauce or Thai sweet chili sauce. Any extra filling is great in potstickers or won tons. You can also cook it in a skillet, add some chicken broth to make a sauce and serve it tossed with noodles.

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