No-bake cookie bars

I’ve been recuperating from a recent foot surgery, and it’s times like these that I’m even more grateful for the support system I have here in the community.

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There’s the big stuff – such as my dad taking me to my surgery and my follow-up appointments – but it’s all the small favors and kindnesses that really add up.

Like the rides to and from work – and anywhere else I need to go – that I’ve been cobbling together from family members and friends. Those same folks have been running my errands, from getting my mail to picking up prescriptions. And one desperately busy day, with the hubby and I both scheduled for meetings later into the evening, I asked my mom if she could do my dishes. She did so gladly, scrubbing my kitchen to within an inch of its life. I actually cried when I saw it. (Also, I’ve been on a lot of pain meds.)

But my two biggest troupers are my hubby and kiddo. I’m trying to be as self-sufficient as possible, which isn’t a lot. I can use my little scooter in the house to fetch my own sandwiches but I can’t do dishes or laundry, or walk the dogs. (And I try to use my crutches as little as possible around the house because I’m a menace to myself and others, and am liberally covered in cuts and bruises from my various confrontations with stairs.)

My boys pick me up when I fall; they wipe my tears and even wait a respectable two or three minutes before making fun of me. My kiddo sleeps downstairs in the living room with me so he can help me get around if I wake up in the middle of the night. And any time the hubby or kiddo passes by, they spin my little scooter around from its parked position so I don’t have to back up and turn around when I hop on. (I’ve managed to fall off that thing a few times, too.)

I wanted to make something special for my boys last weekend but my options and skills are limited at the moment; taking a hot pan out of the oven is definitely not in my wheelhouse. The hubby loves a type of cocoa and oatmeal no-bake cookie his mom used to make, so I tweeked a similar type of recipe to make a peanut butter version in bar format – with a tunnel of chocolate running through the middle.

It’s one of those little things, but I hope they appreciate it, too.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.