Lots of little ravioli soup

I often rely on the hubby for inspiration for my columns and recipes – and life in general. He is, after all, the meaning in my life. He’s the inspiration.

Someone should really write a song about that.

I like to take the hubby’s ideas and run with them, and this soup is a prime example. We first threw this together last winter when we were grocery shopping and a blizzard was on its way.

“We should make a soup this weekend,” the hubby declared. “And it should have ravioli. Lots of little ravioli.”

“Anything else?” I asked, while grabbing a package of ravioli out of the refrigerator case.

“I don’t care,” the hubby replied, while grabbing a second package of ravioli out of the refrigerator case.

Lots of little ravioli, indeed.

I was actually surprised because Italian soups are typically the hubby’s least favorite – although tops in my book – and here I was, getting free rein to dump in whatever I wanted.

I avoided the urge to get too crazy. Even though we were snowed in that weekend and couldn’t drive anywhere to pick up more food, my boys could still flee on foot if I ruined their soup with a bunch of quinoa and kale. But I did sneak in a red pepper and some white beans.

Not surprisingly, my kiddo wasn’t a fan of the soup, because he’s the only 11-year-old in the world who doesn’t like ravioli. (But he loves tortellini. It’s the SAME THING, kid.) But the hubby loved it. He asked me to make the soup again a few weeks later and now it’s part of our regular rotation.

Because he was so inspiring when I created the recipe, I asked the hubby if he had any thoughts on what I should say in this column about our lots of little ravioli soup.

“Mario!” he blurted out. “Like from Nintendo.”

“I … don’t know what that has to do with ravioli soup,” I said.

“Mario is Italian, right? And Mussolini! Hmm, who else?”

“Do you even read my columns?” I asked. “I can’t just run a list of names of Italian people.”

But he’d already fallen down that rabbit hole, continuing to pepper me with the names of Italian celebrities and dictators, so I was on my own.

I think I’ll just keep him on soup-idea duty.

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