Sweet Cajun grilled chicken

I’ve spent the past week preparing for a surgery – my second of the calendar year. There’s a great deal of strategy that goes into planning for a surgery. First off, I’m limited to the one day per week when my surgeon schedules his procedures – which is, of course, the Banner’s production day. So the hubby and my brother are out as far as being transportation and next of kin. My mom is recovering from her own recent surgery, which means Dad gets the short straw (just like last time). That’s one problem solved.

I’ll also be on crutches and in a boot, so I won’t be able to drive for a while. Anywhere. At all. Luckily I have the aforementioned family members who will be like my own Uber mini-fleet (although I haven’t yet mentioned this to them). That’s two problems solved.

And I spent some time taking a dry run through the house on crutches last weekend to make sure the obstacle course that is my house is as clear as it can possibly be when I get back. Because when I had foot surgery a few years ago the first thing I did upon returning home was trip over something and face-plant on the garage floor. So we’re good here – fingers crossed.

Then there’s the anxiety. I’m an Olympic medalist-caliber worrier, and if I don’t overthink things, who will? There are any number of things that can go wrong in a routine surgery and the closer I got to my appointment, the more things I think of. So clearly we’re excelling on this one, too.

There also are all the little tasks to complete – like going off my different medications at different times the past few weeks, removing all my toenail polish, working ahead on paperwork so I’m not filing the Banner’s quarterly taxes while I’m groggy and doped up. Check, check and check.

In terms of recovery, the hubby will be away from home covering events for a few days, but luckily I have world’s best little nursemaid on hand: my 11-year-old, Jack. Jack excels at eagerly tending to me when I’m sick or injured, at least for the first two hours until the novelty wears off. He plans to keep me distracted from any pain with Lego video games and pizza.

But because I’ll be immobile for a few weeks, I’ve also stocked the kitchen with sandwich and salad fixings, so Jack can easily fix me some healthy meals. The hubby and I cooked ahead a bit, as well, including this super-easy grilled chicken, which works fabulously well on all those salads the kiddo doesn’t yet know he’ll be making for me.

My checklist is complete.

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