Witch crash cupcakes

When my kiddo was little (and even before I had a kid, to be honest) I used to delight in decorating my house for Halloween.

Granted, it was a dress rehearsal for Christmas, since I’d be switching from one set of holiday decor to the next. But I’d stow away all my usual knickknacks, tchotchkes and geegaws, drag out the Halloween totes and adorn the house with different, more macabre knickknacks, tchotchkes and geegaws.

But then came Halloween 2011, the year my little Captain America costume-clad toddler was running up and down Main Street with his day care pals, collecting candy from shop owners in Hillsboro’s downtown. It was an idyllic moment until an older child in a ghoulish mask leaped out in front of Cap on the sidewalk and screeched down at him.

My kiddo didn’t scream, cry or wet his pants. Or maybe he did; he was barely 2 and still in diapers, so we’ll never really know. The point is, my pint-sized First Avenger simply turned on his heel, walked to the day care minivan and declared that he was done with Halloween. And when he returned home he asked that I please take down the Halloween decorations, to emphasize that point.

The kiddo is stubborn and can hold a grudge, and still maintains that Halloween is largely dead to him. He would dutifully dress up in his costumes each year but has gone trick-or-treating at a grand total of five houses in Hillsboro since 2011.

When I was lamenting the impact of COVID on everyone’s Halloween plans this year, the kiddo glibly chimed in: “I feel bad for people who like Halloween but to be honest, it doesn’t impact my plans at all.”

Whether you’re heading out for Halloween or celebrating an eerie evening in the comfort of your own home, decorate a batch of these adorable candy-topped cupcakes. They’re a hit with even the most stubborn of Halloween haters.

Note: Feel free to add witch hair under the hat, such as crispy chow mein noodles or strands of shredded wheat (which was used in the recipe idea I first saw). It looks cute but I’m ideologically opposed to adding shredded wheat to cupcakes.

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