Butter-pecan-toffee shortbread

My boss and I were chatting at work the other day about how human beings are, above all, adaptable, and I think this year is bringing out some of those qualities in me that typically get tamped down beneath my Type A tendencies to plan and control everything.

This year has been one cluster after another, but we’re all adapting – whether working from home instead of in the office, wearing masks all day, not encroaching on others’ personal space, etc. – and ultimately, trying to make the best of a bad situation.

I feel luckier than most because the hubby works every day with my brother and dad, meaning my parents and brother are part of our pack. In other words, I still get to see them in person every few days instead of via a Zoom call.

We spent a different kind of Thanksgiving with our pack; instead of hosting our traditional feast with both sides of the family present, the hubby, kiddo and I had lunch at my parents’ house.

Christmas will probably be a similar situation. We’re trying to shop early, with much of it online. Instead of heading out of town to go Christmas shopping or hit up holiday events, we’re burrowing on the couch in blankets to watch Christmas movies together as a family.

And rather than baking up a storm for just our pack – we’re only six people, after all – I’m looking for treats I can make in smaller portions and that freeze well.

These flaky, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies are of the slice-and-bake variety, meaning you can actually store the dough itself in the freezer and slice off the number you want to bake at any time.

It’s an adaptable cookie for an unwillingly adaptable person.

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