Red velvet sandwich cookies

I love traveling different places with the kiddo because it gets him outside his his comfort zone, and he’s more willing to try different activities and foods. My 11-year-old is definitely a lot more adventurous when he’s not feeling penned in by his usual routine.

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We took a quick (and fully masked) family vacation last November, and while we took advantage of food delivery services for most of our meals to avoid crowded restaurants, it was still fun to watch the kiddo peruse the online menus to see what he’d choose.

And it was even more fun the few times we ventured out of our room for meals, like to an anime-themed ramen noodle bar, where my son happily downed half his weight in dumplings and actually requested extra vegetables in his soup.

But I was extremely surprised when we passed a bakery case in our hotel restaurant and my son asked for a red velvet cupcake.

My tastebuds and I are always on the fence about red velvet. It’s a little chocolatey but it’s not; it’s a little vanilla but it’s not. And the hubby isn’t a fan, so it’s not something I’ve ever made at home.

But the kiddo claimed he’d eaten red velvet cupcakes in school and loved them, and although I was skeptical, it turns out he knew what he was talking about.

Since then, my kiddo has been all over the red velvet, requesting these cookies on a regular basis. This recipe, from the Just So Tasty blog, doubles up the cookies with a luscious cream cheese icing in the middle. But to be honest, my kiddo is just as happy when I skip the filling and add a bag of white chocolate chips, and bake these up like I would ordinary chocolate chip cookies.

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