Snickerdoodle-toffee truffles

One of my favorite cozy jammie shirts says “She dreams in color,” which not only is one of my favorite song lyrics, but also is very appropriate because I’m a vivid dreamer.

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I’m narcoleptic (yes, for real), which is sometimes a major pain but also has a few upsides. I’m an expert napper, rarely have trouble falling asleep and typically remember more of my dreams than average folks do. And they’re typically quite long and complex.

In fact, I remember describing one of my dreams to the hubby shortly after we were married. I went on for several minutes as he gaped at me and said, “And you actually remember all this? Because most of my dreams are like where I’m running. And if it’s a really complex dream, I’m running and then I fall.”

But what’s really fun is that not only do I dream in color, but I also dream in music and writing. I’ll wake up frustrated because I can remember having a dream about a perfect song melody or lyric, or a turn of phrase that stunned me even in my sleep, although I can’t quite recall the specific details.

And I dream in flavor and texture. While it’s said that people can dream only of faces they’ve seen – the human brain isn’t able to conjure up a new face – I often dream of new recipes I’ve created and foods I’ve never actually tried in real life. And for some reason I’m more easily able to recall these details – probably because I can still taste these dream foods on the tip of my tongue when I wake up.

A few weeks ago I had a dream about a snickerdoodle cookie truffle. I could still taste the cinnamony sweetness when I woke up, and also remembered there was a salty crunch. So I set to work in my kitchen.

I’ve made several types of cookie dough truffles before, so I knew the basic recipe for the texture I wanted in my truffles. The main issue was figuring out the fullness of flavor I’d experienced in my dream – which I finally achieved using a combination of almond brickle chips (not the chocolate-coffered toffee bits), and some finely chopped toasted pecans.

The result is a creamy, holiday-themed truffle that melts in your mouth – especially when accompanied by a cup of hot coffee. They’re quite literally the stuff dreams are made of.

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