Apple-walnut coffee cake

I crave all things apple this time of year, which is probably nature’s way of telling me apples are in season. I don’t know that any recipe will ever top classic apple pie in my book, but I aim to keep trying. However, as I was flipping through a selection of recipes recently, I had a problem: every apple recipe looked amazing. I managed to narrow it down to a field of 30 finalists.

Did I mention I was starving? Just as you should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, you also shouldn’t do meal planning. (When I do that, I sometimes end up with eight meals planned for a day that should typically include three.) I sought the advice of an expert – the hubby – because he loves apples even more than I do, and he selected a mouthwatering apple-cinnamon roll recipe.

Of course, I did the obvious thing: I ignored him and chose something totally different. This cake jumped out at me because not only do I love the combination of apples and walnuts, but I’m also a sucker for any kind of sour cream coffee cake.

The hubby is lukewarm on all of those things, but I swear, that’s not why I chose the recipe. It was actually a nap-based decision.

Weekend naps have always been very important to the hubby and over the years he’s managed to convince me they’re a worthwhile pastime (this wasn’t difficult considering I’m narcoleptic). We tend to plan other activities around our snoozefests when possible, sometimes even walking out on our houseguests to grab a quick rest upstairs. (They’re family; they understand.) I’m sure that when I was a wee babe my parents hoped I’d eventually grow out of that stage where my life revolved around eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom. I’m clearly not quite there yet.

So my decision came down to rolls and no nap, or cake and a nap (plus probably more cake because I’m hungry as a bear when I wake up). The correct answer obviously was Rolls - Nap < Cake + Nap + More Cake. I am good at math.

I’d still like to get to those apple-cinnamon rolls one day. But for now, I prefer to have my nap – and eat my cake, too.