Instant Pot (or slow cooker) jambalaya

I’ve been a huge fan of my slow cookers (yes, plural) for decades – and I’ll always adore this beloved kitchen appliance – but I find myself relying more and more on my Instant Pot multicooker, as well.

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It took some getting used to because an Instant Pot can be intimidating; its Jetsons-like interface has all these programs and buttons, and I’m pretty sure it’s smarter than I am.

It’s also kind of an alarmist; we frequently disagree on whether foods are actually burning. (“Stop beeping at me! You’re fine! YOU’RE FINE!” I love arguing with inanimate objects.)

But I vowed to branch out last year when the kiddo offhandedly referred to the Instant Pot as “the mac and cheese machine,” because we’d gotten in the habit of just using it for 4-minute mac and cheese – albeit quite frequently.

I’m slowly converting some of my favorite slow cooker recipes – like this jambalaya – to work in the multicooker, although I’ve included both sets of instructions for those who haven’t yet dipped their toes in the Instant Pot’s pressure-cooked waters.

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