Egg roll nachos

Major League Baseball finally kicked off last week and the hubby and I have been watching a lot of it. We’re big baseball fans to begin with, so we’re definitely interested in this year’s condensed season.

It is a bit unsettling to watch the games being played in empty stadiums, or with computer-generated or cardboard fans, but it’s still a refreshing change of pace to watch televised sports that aren’t being rebroadcast. I had to constantly remind myself that the games weren’t from 2012; they actually hadn’t happened yet.

Of course, it’s easier to remind oneself that it’s 2020 when you’re a Detroit Tigers fan, like I am. 

My Tigers, after a decade of dominating pitching and top-tier offense, are in the midst of a rebuilding period that likely will continue for several more years.

To put things in perspective, while watching Saturday’s game on TV, an announcer had this to say about one of the Tigers’ relievers: “He looks good. The ball is coming out of his hand.”

The announcer made that comment multiple times, reinforcing just how low the bar has been set for this year’s Tigers. He may as well have said, “This team looks good. They have jerseys. And also bats.”

But I’ll enjoy watching as much baseball as I can – for as long as the season ends up lasting – and revel in the fact that at the time of writing this column, my Tigers were in playoff position in late July. I may not be able to say that again for several years.

Although my team may not be fantastic this year, my game-time food definitely can be. The hubby and I created this dish recently while looking for a healthier, fresher spin on egg rolls – and these nachos are definitely fun to eat while cheering on our respective teams.

Notes: Free free to add a creamy component, such as sriracha mayo – or even some cheese. You can substitute tortillas or won ton wrappers for the egg roll wrappers, or make life easier and start with regular tortilla chips. Just keep a closer eye on the saltiness of the meat mixture in that case.

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