Creole honey pork tenderloin & roasted veggies

I know Easter is traditionally a ham holiday, and although I like ham, it takes a backseat in my mind to pork tenderloin. 

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Pork tenderloin is one of my favorite proteins to play around with in the kitchen because it’s so lean and mild that it’s a blank slate; it takes on flavors so well that the options are endless.

This is a recipe I worked on during a snowstorm a few months ago. I had pork in the freezer, veggies in the crisper and an idea based on a recipe I’d seen online.

I also had a really heavy cast iron skillet that I’d just washed and needed to put away under a stack of all my other skillets. 

That seemed like a Herculean task at the time (I have dainty wrists) so it was easier to use the skillet for something else and make the hubby put it away later. 

That’s Alyssa logic.

We ended up with this gorgeous dish less than an hour later – juicy pork, slightly caramelized veggies and a savory, sweet and spicy sauce to top it off. (Some friends who tried this said their teenage son literally drank the leftover sauce.) 

Both the flavor and presentation make the dish worthy of any holiday feast.

Ham? What ham?

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