Chewy toffee sugar cookies

I recently hit a major milestone in my life that I never thought would be a major milestone: I am wearing shoes on both feet.

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Even more impressive is that the shoes MATCH.

The last time I was able to make this claim was roughly 5 a.m. on July 8 of this year. A fairly routine surgery turned into an endless string of infections and complications, meaning I went back and forth from crutches to walking boot to surgical shoe myriad times and obviously didn’t have a corresponding set of specialty footwear for my healthy tootsie.

My surgeon suspected contaminated hardware in my right foot was responsible for all my problems (the podiatry-related ones, anyway) so last month we yanked that out.

It meant more quality time with the crutches and walking boot, but my foot so vastly improved that when I went in to get my stitches removed, and the doc told me I could eventually transition into my real-girl shoes, I was a step ahead of him (no pun intended). I grabbed my tote bag, tossed in the godforsaken walking boot, pulled out the mirror image of the shoe on my left foot, and stuffed my scarred and heavily traumatized right foot inside it.

(I was very proud of myself because I’d gotten up extra early to find a matching pair. The shoe racks by the door hold the shoes I’ve most frequently and recently worn, meaning it was an all-star lineup of left shoes only.)

“Take it easy for a while,” the doc reminded me. I literally hopped out of the exam chair, testing the limits of the new and improved me. “You’re not going to take it easy, are you.” It was a statement, not a question. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well the past six months.

A few weeks later I still am not taking it easy. I walk. I jump. I sashay. And I dance! (I do not run yet. Or maybe ever.) 

And I’ve been on my feet cooking and baking up a storm, like these cookies, which are among my all-time favorites. In fact, I made a batch the other week and ate almost all of them myself. Got to keep up my energy for all this fancy new footwork.