Cheesy taco sticks

My son started fifth-grade this week, which was kind of a big deal for me.

My family moved to Hillsboro from Wimbledon, N.D., right before the start of my fifth-grade year. I remember everything so clearly, especially how quickly the rest of my school years flew by. It’s shocking to me that my little baby – whom I’ve been writing about in this column since he was 2 years old – now has just a couple years of elementary school remaining.

I probably remember that year so clearly because moving to a new town and starting at a new school were such momentous changes for me. There were new kids to meet, a new building to navigate and new school lunches to figure out. (This may come as a shock, but we never had toastie dogs and crispitos where I came from.)

Another big difference was the after-school routine.

In Wimbledon, a town of about 350 at that time, my house was a half-block from school and my parents owned a business. We would either be home 6.5 seconds after the school day ended or we’d run to the family’s lumberyard and raid the store’s candy stash. I never had to wait long for an after-school snack.

In Hillsboro, our first home was about a 20-minute walk from the school. By the time I got home I was monumentally starving from a long day, too few toastie dogs at lunch and the ensuing walk. So my mom started freezing hearty little snacks that my siblings and I could reheat in the microwave. One of her favorites was mini English muffin pizzas, and I remember how great it was to have a warm snack after school – and one that was just filling enough to get us through until supper.

These taco sticks are a play on that concept: Little homemade goodies I can stash in the freezer fully baked and that the kiddo can reheat in the microwave for an after-school bite. Because like his mom, my kiddo doesn’t like to wait long for his after-school snack.

Notes: These are sort of like small Hot Pockets and, like Hot Pockets, you can vary up the filling – maybe cheese and pepperoni with Italian seasoning and parmesan brushed on the outside, or ham and cheese with some sesame seeds.

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