Peanut butter cup blondies

Recently at school, there are a lot of changes due to COVID.

We do not have to wear our masks when we are 6 feet way from each other (recess), when we drink from our water bottles since drinking fountains were closed, and when we eat our snack.

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Sometimes our teacher allows us to have an extra 5- to 15-minute mask break, but most of the time the average kid only gets 25 minutes with our masks off per day. Although some kids wear their masks down a lot (you know who you are).

During band, we get to wear our masks down, but our seats are arranged to where they are socially distanced. Percussion players must wear their masks the entire time because percussion doesn’t require any mouth movement.

I will say that in my opinion, I liked school online when the pandemic started. I don’t like it very much now. I like online school just because I have my own work schedule that I can plan out and do on my own mostly, without partners.

During the first month of school, it was ... weird, to say the least. Even the teacher didn’t really know the schedule, so we just sort of had to shift into what she wanted.

Gym class is actually pretty normal. We have to keep our masks up most of the time, but if we’re playing like, tag or something, and we’re away from people, we can have our masks down. It’s also acceptable to have our masks down to breathe some fresh air after you run a lot.

When COVID first hit, it was weird. Restaurants, shopping malls, everything in person was shut down. If you’re a bad cook, COVID was literally your worst nightmare. Luckily for me, I think my mom is pretty good at cooking, you know what I’m saying? She spent a lot of the pandemic in the kitchen.

My dad spent the pandemic getting into anime (Japanese cartoons). He specifically is watching Naruto. He has started saying Japanese phrases from Naruto, like “arigato” which means “thanks” in Japanese. Just saying, if I go mentally insane, it might be because of him.

Anyways, I think that’s probably all you’ll get from me today. Nice talking to you all again. Please wear your mask correctly above your nose. And make these bars.

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