Kung pao spaghetti

Having a dining room has always been important to me because I love to entertain. However, like most people, we don’t actually use our dining room for dining unless we’re hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner, so the rest of the year the dining room is a multipurpose room.

It’s my office when I’m working from home or calling into meetings in the evening. It’s our family game room/puzzle table, and also my makeshift photo studio for taking food photos for these columns.

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And now it’s again – at least temporarily – a computer gaming room.

When my kiddo got his gaming computer about four years ago, we set him up at the dining room table so we could keep an eye on what he was doing. As he got older and our trust in him grew (and I became annoyed at his yelling), we moved him upstairs to his “office,” formerly his playroom.

Then I had my dining room/office/game table/photo studio back. It’s the one room in the house that’s mine, meaning it’s decorated the way I want and everything is organized.

But the other night the kiddo’s computer desk breathed its last breath and started to collapse. We managed to save the equipment and temporarily relocated the kiddo until his new desk arrives.

So now, suddenly, the kiddo and his computer are back in my dining room. It’s a bit like finally having your own room as a teenager and then your sibling moves back home and you have to share again.

We’re decent roomies this time around; the kiddo is more mature now, so he has fewer screaming fits at inanimate objects. And I’m more mature, too, so I have fewer screaming fits in general. And we both know it’s temporary.

And there’s still a cozy little space for my dining room photo studio so I can take pics of my favorite dishes, like these spicy noodles.

But then I carry the food out of the dining room and eat on the couch like a normal person.