Instant Pot tandoori chicken & rice
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I’m on Week 14 of a slow recovery from foot surgery, and I recently got the go-ahead to try to start wearing shoes. On BOTH of my feet. This was a very exciting moment for me until I realized that, because I had procedures done on both sides of my foot, it’s still pretty swollen and misshapen. (I look like Cinderella’s stepsister trying to squeeze my giant paw into that delicate glass slipper.)

I’m not saying that none of my shoes fit, just that the options are limited at this time: I currently have a choice between leopard-print high heels and teal plaid galoshes. (My trusty surgical shoe remains my most practical option.)

I try to stay off my feet for extended periods of time to minimize the swelling. This means no standing at the stove for an hour, so I’m always on the lookout for something to do the cooking for me – like my Instant Pot. Or the hubby.

This Indian-spiced meal does require some prep, but aside from a few minutes at the stove, I can relax at the counter and do the chopping and mixing with my foot propped up on an adjacent barstool.

It’s easier to admire those leopard-print heels that way.