Peanut butter cookie s’mores

Although my birthday will still go on this weekend, largely the same as it has in previous years, two pieces of my birthday plan have gone awry.

I’d hoped for an early birthday showing of the movie “Top Gun 2,” which was going to be released in late June. I’ve been looking forward to this because “Top Gun” is one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces ever filmed.

Also, most critics would agree I have terrible taste in movies.

But that movie, like all others, had its release date pushed until later in the year.

Also, I had a Fourth of July recipe I wanted to try for my July 5 birthday. However, said recipe required the use of candy sprinkles.

And not just any sprinkles. I associate Independence Day with my birthday, so anything red, white and blue makes me feel like a special birthday girl. (Like all those fireworks and celebrations are just for me.)

In February, I found a bottle of beautiful patriotic sprinkles online. Red, white, blue, metallic, stars … you name it, this assortment had it. But apparently the sprinkles factory wasn’t considered an essential business when states had their various shutdowns and my order was delayed.

The sprinkles arrived just under the wire, landing in my mailbox June 26. I eagerly unwrapped the layers of packing material, like a kid at Christmas, and examined the bottle.

The label said “patriotic sprinkles,” but the contents of the bottle were a sea of pinks and purples. Some sprinkles had melted or bled onto each other; others had been pulverized and coated their buddies in their remains. There wasn’t a single star in the bunch.

“Should I keep these?” I asked the hubby. He made a face and said, “Maybe your mom wants them.” But even my mother – who never turns down anything that’s free – took one look at them and said, “Gross. Throw those.”

We switched gears to a recipe that’s probably more fun than what I’d originally planned: a makeshift s’mores bar with peanut butter cookies in place of graham crackers. Even if you’re not a s’mores fan, make the cookies, because they’re the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever tasted. Sprinkles optional.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.