Creamy Cajun penne

After a year of eating healthier and exercising almost daily, I’ve been couchbound for about a month with a boot on my foot and I’m starting to get a little stir crazy because I feel like a slug.

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I promised myself I’d eat a low-fat diet while I was recovering, but one evening when I was griping about being hungry, my 11-year-old had a talk with me.

“Here’s the deal,” my son said. “I know you’re worried about putting on weight since you just worked so hard to lose a lot of it. I get it. And you need to accept the fact that yes, you probably are going to put on some weight until you can exercise again.

“But here’s the thing,” my progeny continued. “You’re going to put on like five, maybe 10 pounds at the most. You’re not going to put back the 65 pounds you just lost. And you know how to eat healthy and exercise now, so you know how to lose those them again.”

He’s smart. I like that kid.

I’m trying to worry a little less about the calories I’m ingesting while idle, although the hubby doesn’t always make it easy. Don’t get me wrong; he takes extremely good care of me. We just have different opinions at times of what constitutes a balanced meal. (I stand by my opinion that fried chicken is not an appropriate side dish for a ham and turkey sub, but I digress.)

This dish is a compromise of sorts, as well; it’s not healthy but also not terrible for you. And with this meal-in-one recipe, you don’t have to bicker about what to serve on the side.

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