Beef & snap peas

Our little publishing company took ownership of the Banner more than nine years ago, meaning in that time I’ve written about 460 food columns. That’s 460 separate recipes, 460 food stylings and photo shoots, and 460 bags worth of groceries.

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Last week, for the first time, I reran a column in this space. The reasons were twofold.

First, I was recuperating from a recent surgery and the recovery was slower and more difficult than I’d anticipated. Aside from a few complications, it was likely a normal recuperation but obviously I assumed I’d use my superhuman healing abilities to return to full working capacity far sooner than the doctor recommended.

The problem? I have no superhuman abilities, healing or otherwise.

I was sore, had very little energy, couldn’t eat and had a pile of month-end paperwork that I only recently finished clawing my way through.

Also, I was whiny. So when I whined to my hubby and brother, the Banner’s other two publishers, they agreed a rerun was in order.

Because – and this is the second reason – our readership has changed significantly since our debut issue in February of 2012. What started as a mostly Hillsboro-centric subscriber base has rapidly expanded to include faithful readers throughout Traill County and elsewhere.

We thought maybe a bit of a reintroduction wasn’t the worst thing.

We may rerun an old favorite in this space from time to time, especially since many of our time-tested family recipes were printed in those first few years of our Banner ownership.

In the meantime, I’m up and at ‘em. I can eat again and I’ve transitioned out of my sweatpants-only wardrobe, meaning I’m back in the kitchen to play around and create new favorites, like this quick and simple (and sweet and spicy) stir-fry.  

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