Pasta with mini meatballs

As many of you are reading this column, I’ll be recovering from surgery on my right foot.

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“But wait,” you might be saying. “Is this a reprint? Didn’t you already have surgery on your right foot? Haven’t we been listening to you complain about it for the past five months?”

Yes, you and everyone else. Nearly half my year has been preoccupied with recovering from a surgery with an estimated healing time of 6-8 weeks. Five months later I’m still hobbling around in my surgical shoe, dealing with repeated infections.

It’s been an ordeal. I just had my 30th doctor appointment of the year – and my third surgery since March – and there are 19 medications currently listed on my medical chart. (You have a lot of time to ponder and examine these things when you’re stuck on the couch for several months.)

Through process of elimination, my doctor determined the problem could be the hardware that was installed in my foot during my last surgery, so with less than a week’s notice, I was scheduled for another operation to remove the metal from my foot and hopefully end this process.

My schedule for the foreseeable future has been thrown into a chaotic void. I’ll be on crutches and in a boot again for a while. Hosting Thanksgiving is a no-go, Christmas shopping will be challenging and no one should expect their gifts to be beautifully wrapped. Or wrapped at all.

I’ll be getting by on leftovers for a while, and love big-batch recipes like this one with its savory sauce and tender, poached, bite-sized meatballs. The pasta is hearty and filling and easy for my kiddo to reheat until I’m back on my feet.

“But wait,” you might be saying. “Does this mean we’ll have to listen to you complain again?”

Yes, you and everyone else. But let’s hope we can keep it to a month or two this time.

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