Sheet pan chicken fajitas

Spring sports season is in full swing, and I’ll admit that this is the time of year when my cooking habits are at their laziest.

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The Banner staff – which is only three full-timers on our best days – runs at about 67 percent of its coverage capacity in the spring because one of the staffers moonlights as a softball coach. That leaves two staffers to cover five teams each for two different sports programs.

And that’s just on the sports side.

When you add in meetings, events and just general news coverage, the hubby is always coming and going. My weekly matrix (“calendar” is too tame a word) of activities is a frightening mess of 6-point font, scribbles and arrows depicting how two people, our sports editor and the hubby, can manage to be in three or four places at one time.

Unless it rains. Or snows. Then the entire schedule shifts at the last minute and we start the battle plan all over again.

The kiddo and I also are on varying schedules. He eats an early, light supper, oftentimes before I’m even home from work, unless he’s helping photograph or work concessions at one of the many sporting events in town.

Long story short, I’m usually cooking for one in the evenings, and it is not my strong suit. Planning a gourmet, themed six-course meal for 12? Yes, please. Cooking a fast and healthy weeknight meal for one? That’s called a turkey sandwich on wheat.

Unfortunately, with the milder winter and spring we had, I was sandwiched out by about April 3 of this year. So I’ve been focusing on making bigger batches of meals on the weekends that provide convenient – and versatile – leftovers for me throughout the week.

I’ve also gotten a little crazy with my love of sheet pan recipes, just for their ease of cooking and cleanup.

This meal takes a little prep work in terms of mixing the spices and chopping the veggies, but it bakes in roughly 12 minutes. The fajita-style chicken, peppers and onions are great wrapped in tortillas with the traditional fixings, but also make a fabulous Mexican salad with some lettuce, cheese and pico de gallo or salsa.

It’s a fast and healthy weeknight meal I can get behind.

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