Skillet chicken lasagna

When I came into work last Monday morning, my boss asked me how I spent Mother’s Day.

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“I worked on newspaper stuff,” I explained. “I worked Friday night, for about 14 hours on Saturday and most of Sunday.”

My boss stared at me.

“But it wasn’t a bad weekend. Honest.”

And it wasn’t. Busy, yes – as everything tends to be for everyone this time of year. But last weekend I was still wrapping up some end-of-month paperwork, spent Saturday typing up the fascinating insurance information found in Section B of this week’s Banner and had my usual cadence of weekly paperwork to do on Sunday.

In other words, there was no time to laze about on Mother’s Day whilst my menfolk fanned me and fed me peeled grapes.

But on Friday night, as I was burning the 9 p.m. oil, my kiddo brought me a plate of toast and a dish of fruit snacks to keep my blood sugar up. He also gave me the Mother’s Day gift he’d made in school – a framed piece of artwork and a bookmark explaining his favorite things about me. It was so sweet that I got choked up.

Then he doubled down and asked for money. Because he’s smart.

My boys took care of everything around the house the rest of the weekend – mowing, dishes, laundry, walking the dogs, etc. I got to spend a little time with my own mama on Mother’s Day; we couldn’t hit the spa for mother-daughter manis and pedis, so she brought the spa to me, doing my nails while we sat on the floor and chatted.

And I had time to cook a quick supper on Sunday night – this healthier, faster alternative to lasagna (my all-time favorite food).

And that’s exactly how I wanted to cap off my Mother’s Day: making something warm and filling to say thank you to the people who made me a mom in the first place.

Notes: The seasonings depend largely on the flavorings in your marinara sauce, so be sure to add seasonings to taste. You might want to sprinkle in oregano, basil or even a pinch of sugar, as well.

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