Chocolate-mint truffles

The hubby and I have a friend and former coworker who’s currently the editor in chief of Allrecipes magazine, and I love reading her posts on social media because I’m fascinated by the magazine’s timeline – shooting Thanksgiving cover art in April, for example. Not only must it be a challenge to get in the holiday cooking spirit, but I can’t imagine trying to procure pumpkins when everyone else is shopping for chocolate eggs.

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My timeline is more forgiving; I work ahead a month or two, occasionally basting turkeys in September or making heart-shaped cakes right after New Year’s. (You know, when the stores switch their inventory from sweaters to bikinis.)

Luckily I’m well steeped in the Christmas spirit by Nov. 1, so it’s not as much of a stretch to make Christmas goodies in advance. I had one weekend in early November in which to cook and bake before a scheduled surgery and the doctor’s daunting recovery orders: six weeks of not going to work, not cooking, not cleaning, etc. “I want you sitting on the couch eating bonbons” is what my nurse instructed.

I’ll admit it: I returned to work immediately and I have been doing some cooking (just quick and easy with minimal time on my feet). But I have not cleaned. Like, anything. Really taking that last one seriously.

But I wanted to make some holiday candy while I still had the chance, so I played around with these truffles and the results were phenomenal. “These look and taste like something you’d get at a very high-end chocolate shop,” said a coworker.

So no, I’m not following my medical advice to the letter. I’ve been going to work. I’m moving around. And I’m sitting on the couch eating truffles, not bonbons.

Note: For the candy sprinkle on top, candy canes are easy to crush but they’ll start to dissolve after a few days. I used Starlight mints – those red and white disks they’d give you at Pizza Hut to get rid of your garlic breath after your meal – which keep well. However, you must possess the strength of Thor and his hammer to crush them.

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