Taking aim at a wastepaper basket and my past

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Posted: Friday, March 20, 2020 6:00 am

There was the day when I could sit at my desk, scrunch up a couple sheets of paper into a ball, smaller than a baseball, about the size of a small rubber ball and take aim and hit the wastepaper basket across the office near the office manager’s desk.

I’d first graze it off the overhead light fixture and hit a room divider before it ricocheted off a filing cabinet and down to the office manager’s desk, where it bounced once, rolled through a desk tray and dropped into the designated target, much to the annoyance of the office manager and envy of those in the office who witnessed the impossible shot but who could never duplicate it themselves.

I think my record was 15 in a row, if I was really feeling it, I could can 10 in a row easily – nothing but wastebasket.

A legend was born.

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