Letter: McWilliams wrong on health care

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Posted: Friday, July 12, 2019 6:00 am

Dear Editor,

Rep. Aaron McWilliams has failed to represent the people of District 20.

He’s wrong on health care and he’s wrong for rural North Dakota.

Rep. McWilliams voted against protecting the health insurance of North Dakotans that have preexisting conditions.

Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, or even past history of depression can disqualify you for coverage. We must do more to remedy our broken health care system, but ruling the whole thing unconstitutional and going back to square one leaves a major portion of our population vulnerable and without insurance.

For a legislator representing a rural district and claiming to support local control, his voting record is a complete contradiction.

Whether it’s voting for a mandated living wage for local governments or voting against legislation that will bring critical infrastructure funding to our rural counties and townships, Rep. McWilliams has a track record of being ineffective and in opposition to the needs of District 20. 

I applaud the work of Rep. Rick Holman who has worked tirelessly and consistently on behalf of the people of District 20 where public education, access to health care, and well-maintained roads and bridges are staple priorities.

As in the Democratic legislative leadership of the previous 25 years, Rep. Holman has continued the legacy of strong representation in Bismarck.

To preserve and advance the quality of life in our rural communities, we need to vote for a candidate in 2020 who will work to pass education and health care bills, and who better understands the needs of his constituents; all of which Rep. McWilliams has failed to do during his two sessions in Bismarck. 

We deserve better.

Gail Mooney


Mooney is a former state legislator and chair of the District 20 Democrats

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