Keeping clear and clean of the coronavirus

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Posted: Friday, March 27, 2020 6:47 am

“Illuminate me, please.”

You want me to illuminate you, I said.

“That’s right. Illuminate me.”

All right, I said. There’s a 3 percent chance of you contracting the coronavirus. That means there’s a 97 percent chance you won’t.

My friend said he wasn’t worried. He wasn’t that concerned. He was going to live his life like he always has.

I continued: Here are 100 M&Ms scattered on the table. Three of them are contaminated. But, hey, there are 97 that aren’t. Go ahead, take one, take a couple. You must like M&Ms. Come on, take one. Live dangerously, I needled.

He said he’s never liked M&Ms.

Before stepping away from the M&M table, without scooping up a handful of the candy, let alone one lone M&M, my friend muttered to himself, “I’m no dummy either.”

Wanna bet? I said.

Self-confined and self-contained for two days, I stepped back in the sunshine and into my so-called life on Monday.

From all appearances it hasn’t changed much, this was my take from our driveway.

“Come on, live dangerously,” urged my wife, Barb, the Baker/DA. “Walk out into the street. Better yet, drive downtown. Go on, you can do it.”

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