Turkey parade refreshed after midterm election

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Posted: Friday, November 16, 2018 6:11 am

If it walks like a turkey, talks like a turkey and looks like a turkey, it must be a turkey.

Praise the Lord and pass the cranberries, this year’s turkey dinner guest list is the envy of any holiday hostess.

That said, and in the spirit of the season, the Neil O. Nelson 2018 Turkey Parade includes, not surprisingly, some old and tired deadbeats, in addition to some new names, thanks to the recent midterm elections, and some first-timers, who are deserving of mention regardless of sex, stature, political preference or family name. 

BUTCHERED TURKEY: NBC’s ousted Megyn Kelly.

COOKED TURKEY: Crooked Hillary.

BROASTED TURKEY: Topless Paris protester who rushed Trump’s motorcade.

FROZEN TURKEY: Melania Trump. 


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