2019 Easter Egg Parade ready for review

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Posted: Friday, April 19, 2019 6:00 am

With the Thanksgiving Turkey Parade a fading memory, it’s time for the Neil O. Nelson 2019 Easter Egg Parade.

You might remember that my Easter parade features cooked, fried, soft-boiled and scrambled eggs, deviled, pickled and poached eggs, plus other eggheads, omelets and qualifying egg dishes, in addition to your share of hard-boiled eggs.

Rich and flavorful, that’s the NON Easter Egg Parade.

Keep in mind, if it looks like an egg, walks like an egg and talks like an egg, it must be an egg.

Reba McEntire is our Easter sunny side up egg award winner. That poor woman, for whatever reason, is always smiling and laughing, seems to me.

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden is our pickled egg of the year winner. Either run or get off the counter, Joe.

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